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Why Concrete Work Is No Job for Amateurs

9 day(s) ago

Whether you’re upgrading your home or office, or having something built from scratch, there’s a good chance you’ll be working with concrete for at least some of the project, and while it might be tempting to try and tackle the work yourself, it’s rarely a wise choice and can result in serious structural issues further down the line.

Below are several reasons why concrete work should always be left to the professionals, and never attempted by amateurs, no matter how much money you think you might save:


You can usually rely on a professional construction company to realise your design ideas successfully, and a reputable firm can typically be relied upon to construct properties with local weather conditions and building restrictions in mind, meaning that once your building has been constructed, it’s there for the long haul.


An experienced construction company will specialize in different areas of concrete work, and know exactly how to use it for the type of building being constructed. You may think concrete can be mixed and applied by anyone – and in fact, it can – but for anyone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing, this can have disastrous, costly and even dangerous results.

Value for money

Concrete work can actually be very time consuming, and for an amateur attempting to do the work themselves, what should have been a 2-day project, for example, could easily turn into a much longer one, week-long task. Professional concrete workers will get the job done swiftly but correctly, allowing you to save time and money.


Because a reputable construction company are experienced at working with concrete, they’ll work at a speed, and in a manner that is most efficient. Attempting to do concrete work yourself can take a lot longer and as a result, not enable you to compete your project within an acceptable timeframe.


Construction sites can be hazardous places, and when amateurs take on the concrete work, they can be even more dangerous. Professional construction companies have a range of health and safety protocols that they follow along with best practices to ensure the wellbeing of everyone on the site, and anyone within the vicinity.

The right tools for the job

Different construction projects require different tools and equipment, and even techniques, and only a professional will have access to these when they need them. As an amateur, you could buy your own tools and equipment, but not only can this be costly, but you need to know how to use them properly, too.

Quality of workmanship

Concrete work is a vital aspect of any construction project, and as such, it pays to have it done properly so that it will not only look good, but will be durable and meet all building regulations, too. Reconstructing due to shoddy concrete work is every property owner’s nightmare, but you can avoid this entirely by employing the pros. 

While you may save money initially by carrying out concrete works yourself, rarely does it pay off in the long run. Not only do you risk the project being incomplete for many weeks and months while you try to fit the work in around your schedule, but if the work itself is inferior, it could cost a small fortune to have it redone by professionals.

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