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This Year’s Latest Roofing Trends

17 day(s) ago

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a new roof for your home, and you’ll want to think long and hard about how it looks, how it’s going to perform, and how long it will last you. Choose the wrong roof, either in materials, style, or both, and your home could quickly begin to suffer from rot and mold. The right roof, on the other hand, will give you years of solid and effective protection and add both beauty and value to your home.

As with most other consumer products today, roofing trends change as often as the weather, and it can be important to seek advice from a professional roofing and construction company to know what type of roof will best suit your property, and be the most effective in the long term.

Below are some of 2021’s most popular roofing trends:

Low-pitched roofs and long, sleek lines

Shed-style roofs that encourage the eye to be drawn skyward, have replaced the old higgledy piggledy style roofs with hips and valleys, and inspired by a mid-century modern style, homeowners can choose from a standing seam style or flat roofing.

Mixed roofing materials and designs

Nowadays, we’re increasingly seeing architects and roofing contractors experiment with slopes and colors, and sometimes, 3, 5 or even 5 different materials, colors and pitches can be found on the same roof.

Different colors

Copper, red or green colored roofs used to signify a so-called high-end roof, but that concept is outdated now, and todays trending roof colors include black, silver, bronze and gray.

Contrasting colors is a popular trend, for instance, a light-colored home might have a dark roof, and vice versa.

A return to tried and tested roofing materials and styles

Mid-century modern or contemporary roof design isn’t to everyone’s taste, and doesn’t work on every type of property. As such, many more homeowners are opting to take advantage of roofing materials and styles that have been proven to perform well and look good, over many years.

Often seen as a disposable material by those homeowners wishing to stay in their properties long-term, asphalt shingles are being ditched in favor of timeless styles that can be relied upon to last longer and be a lot more sustainable.

Timeless classics – slate and wood shake

Having been around since the advent of housing, slate and wood shake are just as popular today as they ever were, and new developments in manufacturing have meant that these can be made durable and energy efficient.

To discuss today’s roofing trends in more detail, or to seek advice about which type of roof would best suit your property, schedule a consultation with an experienced, local roofing and construction company, who can talk you through your options.

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