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9 Signs That Your Roof May Be in Need of Repair

35 day(s) ago

While you might not spend a lot of time gazing up at your roof, or even give it much of a second glance, there are plenty of signs that can show you whether your roof is in need of repair, and the sooner you can spot them and get them professionally repaired, the better for your roof, and your bank balance.

Check out our list of 9 potential roof repair indicators:

  1. Cracking

Cracked shingles are definitely bad news for your roof, and a surefire sign that some of them will need to be replaced before they become a health and safety hazard, or begin letting water in. 

Many U.S. homeowners live in blustery areas of the country, and if high or repeated winds have caused some of the shingles on your roof to lift, then the sealant may have been loosened and quite possibly, the nails too. Depending upon the extent of the wind damage, you might need to replace your roof.

If this occurs on your roof, it can quickly lead to leaks, and depending upon how many nails are exposed, and how long they’ve been that way, you might need significant roof repairs or a replacement.

All roofs lose some granules throughout their lifespan, but when the problem becomes bigger, you’ll need to have a roof expert conduct an inspection and advise you as to whether a repair job will be enough, or if the entire roof needs to be replaced.

Curling shingles are typically a warning sign that there is a bigger problem at foot, and any curling shingles need to be professionally inspected as soon as possible.

There’s no two ways about it; a leaking roof can spell disaster if not treated immediately, so if your roof has sprung a leak, don’t hesitate to get it reviewed and repaired.

Proper flashing is the work of a professional roofing contractor, and if your roof was constructed by a careless or unskilled roofer, they may have simply slapped on a lot of roof cement instead of doing the job properly. Cement soon hardens, cracks and ultimately, leaks, and you’ll want to have this replaced with metal flashing as soon as possible

An improperly flashed chimney, which typically causes roof sheathing and framing members to rot, can cause water to run down the face of the chimney and into the attic. To know whether your chimney has been properly flashed, head up into your attic after a period of rain, and look for signs of water around the chimney and downhill from it. A professional roofing contractor can get this repaired for you.

Unpleasing to the eye and with the potential to cause a leak, broken shinglesmust be replaced promptly, and a roofing expert will advise you as to whether replacing them is enough, or whether the roof will need to be replaced.

Keeping an eye on your roof is always advisable, and at the first sign of any damage or a potential problem, reach out to a local, reputable roofing contractor and arrange to have your roof inspected.

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