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How To Keep Your Washer Hygienically Clean In 7 Simple Steps

47 day(s) ago

It can be easy to forget that your washer might need cleaning once in a while, and it’s often only when we notice that our laundry isn’t smelling quite as fresh as usual, that we even think about whether the washer itself, might be dirty.

To keep your washer hygienically clean and your laundry smelling fresh, follow the 7 simple steps below:

DO NOT overfill your washer

It can be tempting to cram a huge pile of laundry into the washer, but doing so doesn’t allow the items to circulate freely throughout the washing process, and can cause moisture to build up in the drum. In that damp environment, mold can quickly grow, so avoid overfilling your washer.

DO NOT overuse detergent and softener

Overloading detergent and softener can leave a mold encouraging residue on the washing machine interior over time, so use the recommended amount, and wherever possible, use softener sheets instead of liquid.

DO NOT leave wet clothes in the machine

Whether you’ve got space to hang them out, or not, get them out of the machine as fast as possible so that they’re not sitting around damply in the machine. Doing so will help to keep your washer and your laundry smelling fresher, for longer.

DO let your washer air out between loads

It might be tempting to have the washer continually on when you have a lot of laundry to get done, but it’s important to allow the machine to dry out between washes. Leave the door and dispenser drawer open for an hour or so, and wipe the drum and gasket clean, too.

DO clean your washer often

You can either put your machine on a special setting that enables you to run a self-cleaning wash by adding bleach and white vinegar, or use a product that’s designed especially for the purpose. You might also need to pull out the detergent compartment and give that a quick clean, too.

DO be extra careful when someone is ill

A sanitizing cycle is best for killing germs in your washing machine if you’re cleaning items belonging to someone who is sick, or has recently been sick. Take care to wash your hands well after touching the items, too, after you’ve loaded the machine and once you’ve transferred the wet clothing to the dryer.

DO NOT neglect cleanliness in and around your laundry area

If you can’t ventilate your laundry room or area, consider having an exhaust fan installed, or a dehumidifier, to remove the moist air that can create an ideal atmosphere for mold and bacteria to grow.

There’s no reason why you can’t add cleaning the washing machine, to the list of tasks you ask your cleaner to perform for you when they visit.

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