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History of Satta King or Matka King

2 day(s) ago

The game was first heard of in the 1950s, right after India’s independence from the British. It was not the game as we know it today. Even its name was different. It was known as Ankada Jugar back then. As is the case with all inventions, it has evolved over the decades and taken other shapes. The form we have today is different from what was played when it cropped up. One thing has managed to withstand the test of time – its name. The name Matka has remained despite most of the other aspects changing.

The precise origin of India Satta involved people placing wagers on the daily opening and closing rates or prices of cotton. This was as according to the New York Cotton Exchange which transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange by use of teleprinters.The practice spread very fast and within no time, the masses were neck-deep in betting. This caused an outcry, and the New York Cotton Exchange responded by outlawing the practice in 1961.

This did little to stop people from jumping on the Matka bandwagon. Gamblers simply looked for other ways to keep the fire burning. The business was kept alive, much to the joy of its customers.The Matka business, once started and established, grew exponentially over the following years at an unprecedented rate. The years between 1980 and 1990 would go on to witness the industry at its peak.

Just to put it into perspective, the business would rake in a cool Rs 6000 crore annually, and this was on a relatively bad year. Now, if what I have been led to believe is right, that was a lot of money. Business was good.As was expected, the illegal dealings were making heads turn in high places. Such large amounts of money going through the economy of the country were bound to start raising questions. Satta Matka was operating on borrowed time.

The day finally came, and Mumbai Police swung into action. They declared a crackdown on the operations, and it was the mother of all crackdowns. It brought the empire crashing down and effectively shut down the system.



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