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Do you know the different image resolutions in CCTV?

58 day(s) ago

Many people still believe that surveillance systems, like CCTV , still work through black and white images, with constant interference that overturn the capture at all times. But that is not true! There are several resolution options, according to the needs of each user and taking into account the desired coverage area.

In this article, we will learn about the most advanced modes of image resolution for your surveillance system. All resolutions that we will address fall into the distinctive high definition category!

HD Resolution

HD corresponds to 720p, equivalent to 120 pixels wide and 720 high. For those who remember the time when videos only reached 360p, it is quite an evolution, giving a wide dose of sharpness in the image. In total, HD images operate at 1 megapixel, or 1MP, resolution.

The cameras that operate with 720p are already a good addition to the surveillance system of any company or residence, not least because they can be used in structures with analog signal that provide support for digital recording. They can also integrate IP systems (via network or Wi-Fi cables).

HD is generally used in homes, both outside and inside the home. Provides a good resolution, suitable for this type of demand.

There is no great zoom capability, but the service is sufficient to cover particular properties. The price, too, is more affordable compared to advanced systems

Full HD resolution

A direct evolution of HD, Full HD is a very popular resolution on the market today, as it is used by most TVs and notebooks - providing video and movie viewing in Blu-ray resolution.

Surveillance cameras that operate with this definition are capable of transmitting images of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which corresponds to a final resolution of 1080p or 2MP. Full HD can also be integrated with systems that work with analog or IP signal.

It is a solution adopted by those who prioritize more complete monitoring and want to monitor more extensive areas, which makes the camera system at this resolution a great measure to provide sharpness and detail in the captured images.

It is ideal for protecting companies of different sizes, as high definition facilitates the identification of strangers, movements and objects, facilitating the transmission of high-level images to the authorities.

Already in external and internal areas of homes, Full HD cameras will provide a wide mapping of details useful for your security, with a great zoom level to identify faces.

4MP resolution

The next in the line of evolution is 4MP. Cameras and other video devices that work with this line operate at 2688 x 1520 pixels, an increase that is quite visible compared to Full HD CCTV Camera Installation in Noida.

Users who have homes with larger perimeters and medium and large companies already use this resolution, capable of covering many meters with just one device.

The good news is that devices that operate with 4MP also accept both analog signal and digital solution via IP.

This resolution can be found in dome, bullet models and also in those known as speed dome and fisheye, with several resources for monitoring images, making the system much more intelligent.

These cameras will provide an optimized level of image capture and identification for those responsible for the surveillance system. They are mainly used in large properties and businesses, such as shopping malls and supermarkets.

Some IP Prime line products provide optimized intruder detection, automatic people tracking, and detection of abnormal audio shapes, perform people counts and even offer heavy features for face detection and zoom.

4 K Resolutions

And, finally, the most modern and updated in terms of image and precision for closed circuit surveillance systems. 4K technology, also known as Ultra HD, is the most powerful and aimed at those who take property security really seriously , be it a large home or large company.

This technology has a differentiated pixel density (reaching 8MP), enhancing the capture and monitoring in real time. It presents the sharpest images and corresponds to what we see outside the camera.

It is essential to recognize details that can go unnoticed in equipment with more modest definitions. For comparison, 4K cameras have about four times the resolution power than Full HD models - which, as we have seen, already provide an adequate resolution to protect your home or business.

With this high image resolution, it will be possible to highlight more subtle details that can identify suspicious people, such as tattoos, hair styles or specific clothes.

In technical terms, 4K guarantees screens with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, totaling 8,294,400 pixels on the television panel.

This way, it becomes more difficult to perceive the points that make up the image (the pixels) on the screen. 3D films that fill movie theaters around the world use this definition when passed on to TVs under the same conditions.

Although countries internationally recognized for heavy investments in technology, such as Japan, are already testing resolutions like 8K, 4K is still not widespread in the country. This means that obtaining equipment that operates with this image power guarantees an undeniable competitive advantage for the surveillance of your business.

As we saw in the article, there are many options for image resolution for CCTVs. The most basic of the definitions covered in this article, HD, already provides a good level of security for leaner homes and businesses.

Fortunately, it is possible to increase protection according to the needs of each user. There is even the possibility that the level of surveillance employed will evolve with the growth of your business. And, for those who want to cover wide areas with high sharpness and increase their CCTV, 4K appears as a powerful option.

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