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What are the best exercises to lose belly fat?

18 day(s) ago


Here is a list of Exercise I personally did to loose belly fat. It will help you as well.


The burpee is a great exercise for your belly fat, as it targets so many different muscles from your head to your toes. It basically involves going from a push-up position up to a jump, and then back down to a push-up; which is 1 rep. An exercise that is particularly explosive and fast paced, the burpee is one of the best exercises to lose weight fast around your stomach, as it targets your core, working several different muscle groups for an increased calorie burn.

Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is one of the best exercises around for generally burning calories, and is a great way to lose belly fat. A kettlebell is a cast iron or cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top. It's used to perform many types of exercises, including cardio, strength and flexibility training. This exercise will raise your heart rate straight away, and will engage big fat burning muscle groups like your hips, quads and glutes, while also working your core. To do it, simply hold a kettlebell at an arms length between your legs, squat down, and swing it forward up to around shoulder height, then reverse the movement back to between your legs.

Mountain Climber

You can think of this exercise as almost a kind of moving plank; which targets your core and ramps up your heart rate by performing several quick mini crunches. To perform it, take up a pushup position and lift your right foot off the floor, driving your right knee towards your chest, before returning to the starting position. Alternate with each rep.

Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine ball slams are a simple yet dynamic exercise that can help you shed belly fat effectively. A medicine ball or exercise ball is a weighted ball roughly the diameter of the shoulders, often used for rehabilitation and strength training. You simply hold the medicine ball above your head and slam it down; catching and repeating. By picking up the pace and throwing the ball with more power, you can seriously work your core and elevate your heart rate; and you don’t even need to increase the weight as long as you push yourself harder each time, making them a simple and convenient step to burning belly fat effectively.


Short for High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT exercises are the most effective way of burning calories through exercise. With a 10 minute warm up, you can use the previous four exercises in a routine of 30 second reps to work all your muscle groups, alternating between the different ones to aid recovery, boost intensity and keep your body guessing! Here is a one ebook I suggest for HIIT workout - H.I.I.T. Your Target by Ana Cheri.

You can buy it from cherifit or you can download one here from free. Aslo alexa jean Sore To The Core ebook is awesome for abdominal exercise. This ebook is not available for buy right now but you can download cope for free from above website as well.


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