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Infrastructure of Cyprus

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The logistics performance index of Cyprus is 3. It indicates a satisfactory performance - in general, traffic is handeled well, some flaws in certain areas are possible, but overall the logistics system performs reliably and is ready to handle predictable amounts of traffic.

Customs performance is rated at 2.88. It indicates a satisfactory performance - the customs clearance procedure is effective in general, although long time can occasionally be a problem; the customs system certainly does not discourage international business activity; documents and fees needed are usually publicly available.

Infrastructure quality in Cyprus is rated to be at 2.87. It indicates a satisfactory quality - roads, railroad, ports and other facilities are able to handle significant traffic at all times and are also suited to various types of transport vehicles and vessels.

International shipment quality is 3.01. It indicates a satisfactory performance - the services are adequate and the prices are not too high and usually accurately match the quality, although there is still room for improvement.

The competence of logistics service providers is valued at 2.92. The providers are competent - they ensure a good quality in their services, maintaining this level at almost all times; flaws, while still possible, are usually minor and don't discourage the further employment of the providers.

Tracking possibilities for shipments are rated at 3. It indicates a satisfactory performance - the tracking systems provide all the basic information as well as additional data about shipments; most of the times it also has a weel established cooperation with foreign and international tracking systems, as well as usually provides information in multiple languages.

Tracking possibilities for shipments are rated at 3.31. It indicates a satisfactory performance - most of the shipments arrive timely and within the scheduled time brackets; late arrivals are still possible, although uncommon.

In Cyprus, 100% of the population has access to electricity. Cyprus has 15 airports nationwide. There are 252,013 internet hosts in Cyprus. The number of road motor vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in Cyprus is 485.

Road network

The total road length in Cyprus is 20,006 km (12,434 miles). Out of them 249 km (155 miles) of roads are classified as motorways, freeways, or autobahns.


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